Thursday, January 02, 2014

Quinner :: 16 months

Hi Big Guy!

You make me laugh and smile.  I could probably end it right there, but as always, there is more and I'm a pretty wordy and long winded type person.

Yesterday in church, during the passing of the sacrament, you were looking at an animal book and LOUDLY making animal sounds.  All the folks sitting around us were silently laughing at you.  At one point, you were doing such a loud monkey I could hardly contain myself and I whispered to your dad, "What is he looking at?" and your dad whispered back, laughing pretty hard, "A fish!"

Sense of humor you have.

Soon after that, you busted out a toothbrush from the back and had everyone around us in stitches.

The life of the party you are.

In addition to being pretty much the cutest thing around, you are "THIS CLOSE" to running at lightening speed.  And, you've started to dance, even though it's mostly shoulder dancing.  And, you've decided that Jack is your frienemy, instead of just your enemy, and it's pretty fun to watch the two of you try to play with each other.

Lately, your best person is Uncle Willie.  Maybe it's because you know he's leaving soon and you'll be three years old when he gets home from his mission.  Or maybe, it's just because you love him a lot, but when everyone came over for dinner last night, you bypassed them all and made a beeline for the giant blond uncle and climbed right up onto his lap.

When I bust out the camera, you stop, freeze, and smile.  When I ask you to throw something away, you head right to the garbage can and do as you've been asked.  When I tell you no and to stop scratching my face, you sob giant crocodile tears of sadness.  You love to go bye-bye and if Grandma Judy is around, and she says bye, you run to her (just like Jack) and think that you're leaving with her.  You love to explore and to play.  You love to color and draw and only want to use markers, even though I only get you crayons.

Like your brothers before you, you love books of all kind.  You are OBSESSED with animals of all shapes and sizes, and are starting to get pretty attached to blankets, though you aren't too particular about what kind.  You are an excellent mimic, trying to do everything your brothers do from wrestling, to light sabering, to jumping on piles of pillows to racing cars.

You are still a really good eater and will shovel just about any food into your mouth - but not until you have smelled it.  You smell everything!  Not just food, but every single thing you put in your hands, goes directly to your nose for a good long sniff.  It's the strangest thing and makes us laugh every single day.

Little buddy, you are growing up faster and faster by the minute.  I am stuck in the middle of wishing you were still a tiny little thing to being super excited at how fast you are growing and learning.  It's all pretty amazing and everyone loves you lots and lots.

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