Tuesday, January 21, 2014


My sister had the day off of work today, but had a lot of work to get finished before the second semester starts tomorrow.  She asked if I could watch her kids for a few hours and she would pay me in my most favorite way.  A diet coke!

Never one to deny myself the company of my niece and nephew, and a ice cold diet coke, of course, I said yes.  So, for a few hours this morning, I was the mama hen to four little chicks.  Two of which are perfectly self sufficient and got along beautifully.  The other two, the almost twins?  They struggled a bit, but they love each other lots.  And, they wore me out!

Jack can say "Annie!"
Quinn can say, "Jaaa!"

And both of them are excellent at stealing each other's toys.

While Molly and Wyatt were in the basement playing, I brought the little monkeys upstairs with me and decided to take a few pictures of them.  They are so much alike, being only three months apart, but there is a sea of difference between them in their speed and mobility, dexterity, vocabulary, and personality.  Jack is a man of action!  He doesn't hold still, hardly sits down, and is super busy and pretty independent.  Quinn is a dawdling sloth, who takes his time, meanders around, and never strays too far from his mama.  Because of the difference in their birthdays, Jack will graduate high school the same year Quinn starts his senior year of high school.  Crazy what a difference a few months can make.

But, they are both super cute and I love them lots and lots.


Jodi said...

If we stay in California (please bless we don't) Stella will graduate before Milo and Quinn. They just have to turn 5 the year they are going to start Kindergarten. (most parents in my ward do not send them though)

If we come back (please bless we do) they will be the same year in school…

Weird for both scenarios looking at them now.

Bing Math said...

Cute boys!


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