Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sewing, sewing, sewing

I really wouldn't have guessed that, two years ago when I bought a sewing machine from Amazon so I could make a tooth fairy monster for my kids, that sewing would have turned into something that I  do nearly every single day.  It is something that I LOVE.  It feeds my brain, uses up all my creativity, and gives me an outlet when I'm stressed out and can find nothing else.

I've tried my hand at making clothing.  Two epic skirt fails and I got over clothing pretty quickly.  Although, I'll admit that I am pretty good at altering clothes, just not making them.

I've made quilts.  About 15 small quilts which all turned out better than I ever could have imagined  I've learned how to sew and make my own binding, which is, let's face it, kind of a pain.

But, what I love?  I love to make bags, pouches, purses, things with zippers and buttons and snaps.  The challenge of following a pattern or even better, designing my own is exciting.  I've messed up along the way, but even since last summer, my sewing has improved and If I could sew all day long every day, I'd probably do it.

And the bags?  Yeah, I sell those and for a "small business" that is only "out there" for family and friends and has a very small following, I'm not doing to shabby.  Still in the red, maybe forever, but it's cool.  I love to do it, and at least right now, can afford to do it.

That being said, I was so excited when I got accepted to the Beehive Bazaar this spring.  The Bazaar is a large scale crafter and handmade wares showplace that happens twice a year in Provo.  It's going on 11 or 12 years in existence and is a pretty big deal.  I've got about 7 weeks to get ready and make enough inventory for three days of the show.  Eek!  It's a lot of pressure but I'm pretty sure I can handle it.

After the show, with a little more "notoriety", I think that I'll head the way of an online shop, or maybe just do the craft show circuit for a while.  Not sure.  Too many possibilities.

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ur a gid sower.


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