Monday, March 16, 2015

Things he says, worth remembering

Mom, i have a canny?

Mom, I have a ogabar? (granola bar)

Mom, baby tang-tang at the zoo.  I yike borillas, too. (orangutans and gorillas)

I have a pocasil? (popsicle)

My not a baby, my Quinn.

My not a boy, my Quinn.

"Quinn" says mom, "Do you want to be a big boy and go pee in a toilet?"  "No," says Quinn, "I just pee in my pants, okay?"

Mom, I peed.  Change my diaper.

I finishing.

I wet.

We go to hobby hobby? (Hobby Lobby)

I do it.  My do it.  My can do it.

Scooby Dooby Do, where are you?  We got some words to you now.

Can my play on your phone?

We went to the zoo yesterday.

We went to grandmas yesterday.

We take the boys to school yesterday.  (everything in his whole life happens...yesterday)

Boys, stop it.

Mom, read me these books!

I'm stuck.

Mom, what's his (or her or its) name again?

My go to gwammas house, play with Jack?

Quinn, what are you eating?  Nuffin.  I not eatin nuffin.

Stop yookin at me!

I want awl of em! (In reference mostly to your blankets, but also to t-shirts with monkeys on them, fruit snacks, kindles, and various toys.)

Last week, you sat on my lap and I asked you a series of questions.  You had some pretty good answers.

What is your favorite TV show: bubble uppies
What is your favorite song:  Geronimo, Happy minions song, Wild Style (gangham style)
What is your favorite color:  Blue.  And green and purple.  And also red.
Who is your favorite mom:  Annie
Who is your favorite dad:  Woss
Who is your favorite brother:  Eeyut, and sometimes Wyatt
Who is your best friend:  Jack
Where is Uncle Willie:  On a mission
Is Uncle Willie on a mission in Lithuania:  No!!!  He's on a mission.

Also, this weekend you figured out how to climb out of your crib.  Your two brothers before you never could figure that out, but you have.  The big boys were down stairs Sunday morning.  Your dad and I were lounging, me with my eyes closed and him with his electronic device.  Suddenly, downstairs we heard Elliott say, "Hi Quinn, how'd you get down here" and then lots of laughter.  Elliott ran up the stairs to proclaim that you had climbed out of bed all on your own.  Crazy!  Later in the morning I took you back upstairs and said, Okay, show me.  I put you back in your crib and up and over you went landing safely on your little stinky feet.  Then, you said, "Do it again!" so as we were all laughing, I put you back in your crib for an encore.

You are a nut.  You should live in a tree.

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