Tuesday, March 10, 2015

That one time we were off track

Yesterday, Monday, the boys went back to school.  It's hard to believe, I know, but they were off track....again.  They are always off track.  Tomorrow, Wednesday is their 100th day of school.  I'm pretty sure that every other kid in the world had their 100th day of school ages ago.

Anyway, this off-track session wasn't too eventful.  The boys didn't want to sign-up for swimming lessons.  We didn't have too many plans.  It was cold and Wyatt had an ear infection/explosion.  So, basically, we laid pretty low for three weeks.

We did though, have a few highlights.  Off-track started with Elliott's baptism.  Ross' parents and brother's family came to town and we had a nice weekend, with his parents staying a few extra days to hang out with the boys.  We went to the Museum of Curiosity, ate pizza and hung out.

During off track we also went to see the SpongeBob movie, went to the Bean Museum and the Waffle Love restaurant in Provo with Haley and the chillins, and Ross took the boys to the zoo while I was home suffering from a brain melt.  And, with the boys neighbor friend Owen coming over nearly every day to "hang out" (note:  We don't "play" anymore.  We "hang out") the boys were pretty busy.

And, during off-track, it snowed.  Not a lot, but enough to break out the new boots that the boys got for Christmas and play in the slushy snowy goo long enough to get their fill and come in and have hot chocolate with "toppings" (marshmallows, cream and chocolate chips).  That was a pretty good morning.

What else happened?  We got a new desktop computer.  Ross got a new TV.  We went out to eat a lot.  I had a 6 day migraine.  Ross and I got to go out to dinner without kids twice.  We went to the temple to help Haley with some family history.  We went to a couple of Utah basketball games.  We went to IKEA and I didn't lose my mind.  It might be because they don't let customers self-scan at IKEA anymore.  I would so much rather stand in line than have to battle my kids over the scanner.

It was a good vacation.

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