Sunday, March 01, 2015

Wyatt Wyatt :: An update

Oh, my middle boy.  The #2 son, the middle brother.  And how often stuck in the middle you really are.  Sometimes your life feels as if we are on a roller coaster of emotions.  You are torn between idolizing your older brother and tolerating your little brother.  You have to share all your toys, you get yelled at more than you'd like, and you are either always being tormented or being the tormentor.  It's a busy life, being the middle kid.

You memorize the lyrics to nearly every single song you've ever heard.  Often on the first listening.  It's a pretty amazing skill you've got.  You love music, but don't like it too loud.  You are a great dancer, too with some pretty fancy and fast foot work.  You are a master Lego builder, TV watcher and kindle player.  You are good at entertaining yourself when Elliott isn't around, and lately, are such an artist.  You can draw really well and I love to watch you create monsters, or Sponge Bob, or draw millions of minions.

Since you were a little kid, you've always been sensitive.  You can sense pain in others and give an unsolicited hug or you can stub your toe and scream as if your foot has been amputated.  But, I'll admit that often times, that scream is warranted.  Like last week.   On Saturday you went to a swimming birthday party for your friend AJ.  When I arrived to pick you up from the party, as soon as you saw me, you were hysterical.  Screaming until you were literally blue in the face.  AJ's mom told me, because you couldn't talk, that you had complained of your ear hurting at the swimming pool and decided to just lay on your towel and miss out on the fun.  Well, by the time you got home, the pain was apparently unbearable.  I found some numbing ear drops and as soon as those kicked in, you zonked on the couch in your damp swimsuit wrapped in blankets.  We managed to survive the night alternating numbing drops and swimmers ear drops and when you woke up in the morning, the side of your head, inside your ear, and your bed were bloody.  Dad took you to instacare and your ear drum had ruptured in the night from pressure caused by swimmers ear and the rupture caused a massive infection.  You and dad were sent home with antibiotics for your body and your ear.  But, you took it like a man and recovered pretty quickly.  We all felt so bad for you - you were in so much pain.  I'm so sorry.

You love school.  We've got one more week of off-track and it's killing you.  I wouldn't have guessed it from you, but you could go to school every single day for the rest of your life, I'm sure and never get tired of it.  It's so fun to see you thrive in school, to see you reading and doing homework, and to see your friends all yell, "BYE WYATT!" at the end of the day when I come to pick you up.  There are two little girls, Stella and Lydia, who are in love with you.  A couple of weeks ago, we were getting in the car and Quinn's door opened.  It was Stella.  All on her own, she climbed halfway into the car to look you straight in the eye and tell you goodbye.  It was sweet and embarrassed you fully.  I hope though, that you really do love school and learning forever.

You are a great trampoline jumper, scooter rider, and Slurpee consumer.  You tell funny stories, have an infectious laugh, and tell me that you miss Uncle Willie every day.  But, like the rest of us, you know there is a big trip to Disneyland coming when Willie gets home so it's going to be a double whammy of excitement next year at this time for sure.

This spring you are going to play machine pitch baseball.  I cannot believe you are old enough, but you are.  You are growing up faster than I can keep track of.  It's so exciting.  And, as long as you will still sit on my lap, lean on my shoulder when we watch a movie, and write me love notes, I'll let you grow up.

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