Monday, April 06, 2015

Easter Weekend

Our Easter Weekend started on Friday.  No school.  Yippee!  We met Haley and her kids and my mom and dad for lunch downtown at Litza's for some delicious pizza.  When the boys and I walked in to get a table the joint was so quiet.  I got so nervous that our noisy group of 5 kids was going to get shushed or yelled at, but all was well and the kids were good.  It's always a good idea to go to lunch when everyone was hungry.

After lunch, we headed to the Gateway to the Planetarium to watch a 3D imax movie about humpback whales.  Underwater videography isn't really my thing, especially in 3D but it was a good movie and Quinn loved it.  In fact, another 5 minutes and he probably would have fallen asleep on my lap.

Friday night, dad took us to Menchies for frozen yogurt and we came home and watched a little basketball on the TV.

Saturday was a busy day, as always.  Baseball practice, yard work, house cleaning, grocery shopping, and going out to dinner.  Quinn had made it napless all day long and in the 10 minutes it took from our house to our dinner place, he totally crashed out and slept through dinner.  Bummer!  But, when he awoke at the grocery store I was pretty glad that I had brought a squeezy yogurt for him in my purse.  He pounded that and then Ross headed straight to the deli to get some ham and let Quinn eat a couple of slices as we finished up the shopping.

Saturday night was an egg dyeing nightmare...that thankfully only lasted 5 minutes.  Tears, giggles, spills and cracks dominated the experience and I think we are pretty much done with eggs and can probably find something next year to occupy those 5 minutes at 8:30 pm.

Sunday?  Well, Sunday was a pretty low key Easter.  General Conference holding us prisoner on the TV, for those who watched, and some cinnamon rolls, homemade caramels, and a celebration for Grandpa Huber's 86th birthday rounded out the day...and the weekend.

Today, as we wrap up our spring break, we went to a movie, "Home", ate popcorn and went on an adventure to IKEA where Quinn threw the worlds biggest and most embarrassingly epic fit of all time bringing our fun to a close.  Right now, as I write, the big boys are each on their own sofa, with their own electronic device, chillin' like villains...and I'm perfectly okay with that.

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