Saturday, April 18, 2015

The craziest week that wasn't.

Last weekend, as I sat with my calendar looking at the approaching week, I felt a little overwhelmed.  We had FIVE baseball games to attend and baseball practices to participate in.  A monster dentist appointment was on the agenda, on the same day that I was doing a big presentation all morning at the elementary school.  There was cub scouts, and mutual and a field trip and then all the other regular stuff that happens: sewing and cleaning and laundry and driving to and from the school a bazillion times, and yard work and housework and visiting teachers and visiting grandparents and...and...and...

Real life.  real life gets real overwhelming sometimes.

Well, guess what.  Sometimes there are small miracles, complete with small disasters, that slow down the pace of life when you really don't know how you are going to manage to get everything accomplished.  And, the biggest blessing this week was the nasty weather.  I maybe haven't ever been so grateful for rain and snow in my life.  The storms this week rained out/snowed out three of our baseball games.  Which allowed Elliott to go to cub scouts, me to take a breath, and Wyatt to fully recover from his oral surgery.  

But, the weather did kill our trampoline.  There wasn't a way we could get off for free on that one.  But, no baseball in exchange for a broken trampoline?  Seems like a fair trade.  And, it's unfortunate that there isn't video of us, with the help of our neighbor, getting the trampoline back over the fence.  That would have been quite a sight!

Wyatt survived and recovered from his dentist appointment.  We were pretty nervous parents going into the whole thing, especially when we found out there were two additional cavities (5 total) that had to be repaired, in addition to the broken tooth.  He still has a giant bruise from the site of his IV, but he came out of the experience with flying colors.  No pain, no drama, just a little wobbly as the anesthesia took the whole afternoon and evening to wear off.  But, that day was a blessing, too.  Ross took the day off of work to help out (no little brothers allowed at the dentist) and the plan was that I take the boys to school, do my presentations for the work based learning day and then in the middle of my third rotation, Ross was going to bring Quinn to me and take Wyatt.  Well, the dentist was behind schedule so Ross didn't have to bring Quinn, I got to do my presentations in peace, and I got to have the time to present to Wyatt's class, with him there, too.  Small miracles.

Wednesday hit us with about 6 inches of snow and on Thursday morning, we headed tot he zoo.  Wyatt got to ride his first bus ever (no seat belts!) and Quinn and I met him, and his little friends at the zoo.  We had a great time walking around and by the time we headed home all the snow had melted.  We got to see the baby orangutan, one of the lions kill and eat a wandering gosling, and Wyatt and Quinn fell asleep (and stayed asleep) on the way home.

By the time Friday night rolled around, we'd had a week...but a very different kind of week than we'd anticipated.  Still as busy, still as exhausting, but we at least felt like we were able to take a deep breath every once and a while.


Four Hearts Haven said...

Little miracles make the biggest difference. Thanks for reminding me to look for them.

Four Hearts Haven said...

You are a good mom. Thanks for reminding me to look for the miracles too.


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