Tuesday, December 15, 2015


It's just a few days before Christmas...9, if you don't count today, right?

I was talking to Ross on the phone this afternoon whining a bit.  It seems that all my time, our time, in the last couple weeks has been pulled away from us into different directions.  Church callings, basketball practice and coaching, Christmas concerts, Sub-for-Santa, traveling for work, holiday markets, frantic sewing for shows, frantic sewing of custom orders, shoveling snow and snow blowing all the neighbors driveways and sidewalks...it really feels a little overwhelming.

There are people in this world who need help.  There are members of my family who need prayers.  There are so many NEEDS in this world that it's impossible to think of them all, or to help all those that need it.  I try hard to spend as much time as I can serving others, in big ways and small.  I try to do something everyday that will benefit another person, even if on most days, I don't make it past the other four people in my home.

And guess what.

I'm really tired.

And I have a lot to do in the next nine days.

I hope I can get it all done.

I find January and February, like most people, to be pretty depressing.  It's cold and dreary, the air is bad, lots of people get sick and pass away (our stake president a few weeks ago called winter the "season of dying" and as morbid as that sounds, he's right), as a parent, it takes me a long time to recover from the excitement and let down of the holidays.

But, there are a lot of good things too.

Our neighborhood provided Christmas for 7 families who would otherwise have nothing.  My oldest son performed amazingly well on the trombone in three holiday concerts, and my niece and nephew did well in their program, too.  My boys are great basketball players and very helpful, kind, nice boys which I think that their dad and I take for granted every once in a while.  We are lucky to go on adventures, have the resources to help other people, and spend a lot of time with the people we love.  Last week, the boys were on the trampoline in hoodies and this week, they are bundled up in their warmest gear to play in the snow.

And we get to talk to our Uncle Willie next week.  You just cannot beat that.

Post band concert advent activity trip to menchies

Christmas concert number 3 of the week.

All alone at the planetaruim

I love to buy my children Christmas presents.   My family,  too.  But nothing is a better Christmas gift for me than seeing and experiencing first hand the generosity of others.  And my kids living in all these gifts,  having service such a visible part o

Basketball starts today.  The most wonderful time of the year.  Both of my boys are number  15, on accident.  Both are coached by their dad, and elliott by #coachkarl too.  But Wyatt is wearing socks that @willie_petersen44 would be proud of.

Someone came to primary today.

"Anyways, in honor of Christmas, I put up a (fake and very small) Christmas tree in our apartment. I found it in a box in our house :) I threw some lights (also found in the same box) on as well as some of that kind of fuzzy feather boa scarf stuff. I hav

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