Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas




Merry Christmas.


Mittens and wristbands, Mittens and wristbands, kinder  eggs, kinder eggs, kinder eggs...

Opening a few presents this morning from grandma and grandpa in South Africa.

Christmas Adam.  A beautiful day for frosting cookies with cousins.

It was completely out of character for me, but I only took about 10 pictures yesterday.  I was tired and there was a lot going on.

But, we had a wonderful Christmas.  The boys seemed to get everything on their wish lists and then some.  We received inches and inches of snow,  We skyped with our best brother and uncle for about an hour and Jack called Quinn his husband.  It was a good day and when it was finally over we all crashed hard.

Unfortunately, Quinn's crashing somehow, mysteriously got him into my bed.  At 2:30, I had suffered enough blows and decided to try and sleep the rest of the night in his hobbit bed.

Let's get this new year started, shall we?

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