Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Squirt:: 21 months


Oh.  My.  Gosh.

You are almost two.


Seriously.  The craziest thing ever.

What do I love about you in the last month little Chickie?

Everything.  Well, not you being sick (again) and not you maybe having a staff infection that wasn't an infection but a giant zit sore thing.  But other than that, we've had a grand time the last few weeks.

You are really starting to come into your own little personality, especially because you've started talking. The day after Grandma Huber's funeral you became a jabber box.  It's probably just a coincidence, but I firmly believe that you wanted to talk, but that your little mind and spirit still remember too much before you were born and that if you talked, you would have spilled the beans about grandma.  You would have said something to warn us, or to comfort her that should have been kept to the angels so you were tight lipped.  But, once you got the all clear, probably from Grandma herself, up in heaven, you have become a motor mouth.


You sing, you laugh, you tease.  You are forming sentences.

"Coke, mama.  Please!"
"Burr.  Cold church."
"Elliott, stop!!!"

I'm not sure that there is a word, in the last two weeks that we've said to you that you haven't tried to repeat at least one.  Yesterday, Elliott said that writing his name on 13 valentines for school was, "So fusterating."  You looked at him, laughed and then said, "Fustoerou".  Okay I have no idea what you said but you tried and trying is great in my book.

You love to run and play and crash.  You love to throw stuff, mostly balls.  Yesterday a ball rolled between your legs and you thought it was the funniest thing ever.  "Ball, yegs mama" you said.  And last night in gym you would chase a basketball down, get on the free throw line, throw the ball and yell, "Shoot!"

Even better than that, you're finally starting to use peoples names which is pretty exciting.  You've learned Willie, and perfected Elliott.  You say, Haley and even have tried your hand at Molly and Parker.  You will not say Grandma, but you do say Grandpa and I'll tell you what, you are wrapping those Grandpa's even more tightly around your fingers.

When you find something exciting you clap and cheer.  When the opposite happens you yell and slam your fist into the closest object.  Yesterday it was the wall.  Last week it was my leg.  Whatever works, right?


You are the bestest #2 boy in the whole world.  I love you.

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