Monday, February 28, 2011

scales suck...

crack kills!

I just finished exercising.  It isn't much, 40 minutes on my stationary bike and 500 lost calories, but it's something.  I also just did my tally for the month.  I did 40 minutes, 500 calories for 54% of the days in February.

I'm not making huge strides, and am excitedly waiting for it be warm enough for my walking buddy and I to go out at night sans kids and walk around the lake.  I'm trying to eat less and not be a pig all the time.

Oh, I love food.

Seriously.  Love it!

Last Friday I got on my scale.  Like I said, I've been trying to not be a pig and lose a few lb's, so I don't have to shop at L.B. (Lane Bryant).  That day on my scale, after I'd exercised I weighed exactly 4 lbs less than I had the last time I got on my scale, which had been about a week before.

This morning, after I exercised I got on my scale.  I weighed in at exactly 5 pounds more than I did on Friday.

Something is fishy here, or maybe stinks in Denmark.

And I really dislike scales.

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