Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Night time reading

Admittedly, my four year old is a little goofy. We had parent teacher conferences tonight for Mr. Elliott. What did his teacher have to say?

He's a natural born leader.

He has amazing verbal skills. Maybe better than any 3/4 year old she's ever taught.

He's really starting to reign in his personality (translation - he's not quite as bossy as he used to be).

He is excelling in and LOVES school. They learned about groundhogs today. While he was in the shower tonight, he was teaching his toy monsters about invertebrates.

And, what did he want me to read him before drifting off into a night of sleep riddled with asthma induced coughing?

Why, his favorite book of course.
What Shat That? A pocket guide to poop identity by Matt Pagett

His favorite page? The goldfish.

Go figure.

(Note - thank you Auntie Haley for bestowing this book upon us years ago. It now resides on the boys bedside table)

Also, because you asked....


The Chick is sick.  Again.  This time: croup, asthma inflammation, sore throat (not strep).  Thank heavens though, NO EAR INFECTIONS.  He's now been sick for a little over three weeks of the new year.  Fantastic.  We've added another medication, Singular to the mix and he's back on the inhaler every 4 hours.  The poor guy is now on albuterol, flomax, and singular, regularly and maybe forever.

Pray for him.  Love him when you get the chance to see him.  He's sort of sad.

So am I.

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Rika said...

ok, pissed the library does not have that book. want to check it out!! Looks great.



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