Sunday, January 30, 2011

Other stuff that isn't sad

We had a busy week this past week, but it wasn't all sad and tears and memories.

We did celebrate the birthday of one very excited brand new four year old.


One of us was sporting a black eye.


We fought with swords and shields, but not without protective head gear.


We watched and slept through basketball games. Oh why can't those dumb wolverines win a game!


Little Chickie got a whole diet coke all to himself. ("Coke, mama.  Ice." he said.  Who can resist that?)


We made "whoopsie" pies with out the whoopie. Maybe next time I make them they'll work but last night, not so much.  They tasted good - like brownies covered in cold hot fudge, but there was no fluff and definitely no whoopie.


We also built bears, ate yummy steak pizza, played computer games, watched movies, hid behind the couch when "wild kratts" came on tv, went for walks in the sunshine, rolled down hills, ran around, yelled at airplanes, found out that fireflies are carnivorous and Canadian geese are not in fact Canadian, drove too slow and enjoyed each others company.  It really was a good week.

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