Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Squirt:: 20 months


Hi Chick. Welcome to 20 months. What should we do to celebrate? How about get sick? Okay. Sounds good.

You've been to the doctor twice in three days. You have "asthma exacerbation". What does that mean? I'm not really certain but the doctor said that basically, the cold that you got on Friday has gotten into your lungs/bronchial and has left you in a constant state of attack. It's very mild, and you're wheezing but you get the inhaler every four hours until the cough goes away and have a new medication, a preventative drug, to try and help you out so that when you get sick, it isn't all drama and emergency runs to the primary children's instacare.


I'm so sorry that you are sick. Minus a pretty testy disposition however, and raccoon eyes because of total exhaustion, you really are doing pretty well. Grandma and I were talking last week at the ball game about how lovable you are. We love your brother, but let's face it he's to smart for his own good and sometimes gets on our nerves. You however, are just a sweet, cuddly, ball of goo. You'll sit on laps, give kisses and loves, and are just all around adorable. Grandma Huber, every time she sees you, says that you are the cutest kid in the entire world.

I agree.

That doesn't however excuse your occasional naughty behavior. You've got a hankerin' to throw and hit. Granted, there isn't much force behind any of it, and the windup is pretty darn cute, but last week you threw a flashlight at me and got me in the chin. The bruise has turned yellow (thank heavens for good make-up) and I still have a welt. You did survive one of your first time outs though - being tossed into the crib for a few minutes until I could regain my composure didn't kill you.


Just in the last two weeks, you've really made some great strides in becoming a big boy. You tell me when you need your diaper changed, you no longer sit on your booster chair at the table, and you've started talking. Not a lot mind you, but communication is getting so much easier. It's almost like you are a parrot - copying and mimicking everything we say. You do however, have some favorite new words.

Buzz (like Buzz and Woody)
Oh no!
drink (comes out dink)

And you've even started to put words together like, "up, mama", "ball mama", "dink, mama". It's very impressive. I love that we can talk to each other. Just last week Elliott was still asleep and you and I were eating breakfast at the table. It was just one of those "ah ha" moments for me...I was sitting with my baby at the table but suddenly you weren't a baby anymore. You were this big kid having a conversation with me while eating your pop tart. It was pretty cool.


Oh baby boy, you are so smart and cute and fun to be around.  You love to color and draw and sing and run and dance.  You love being alive and part of the family.  We all love you so much. All 29 pounds of you.

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