Sunday, January 23, 2011

48 months


Today at 8:30 am I became the mother of a 4 year old. This will be a weekend that we will not soon forget. One full of joy and excitement and sadness and tears. Elliott is a lucky little boy though - because for his birthdays, forevermore, he will be able to relish in the joy of his Great Grandma and the love she had for him.

My dear, sweet, smart, funny, crazy little boy I am at a loss of words. I love you so much. You are one of the best things in my life and I look forward to all the minutes we get to spend together.

You are such a smart, energetic and friendly little fart. You love so many people, do your best to share your toys and your time, and are so happy to be alive every single day.


I often times find myself watching you in amazement. I am amazed at your patience, your temper, your concentration, your vocabulary, your ability to love. You never deny me a hug, let me call you goofy names, and I'll never grow tired of singing you primary songs at night while you drift to sleep.

You are charismatic and a born leader. You take such good care of your brother and little Miss Molly. Your friends, teachers, and the adults in your life are wrapped around your little fingers. The kids in your preschool class flock to you when you enter the room - so excited to hear what you have to say about living life, the Kratt brothers, unfurling wings, and your theories about basketball.


You love dragons and cars and sports, and books. You love adventures, and science projects, going to the grocery store and running Saturday errands in dads truck. You are the best dancer I know, my sous chef in the kitchen and my personal sidekick at Target. You are a good bowler, basketball shooter, and in a few weeks will be, I'm sure, a great soccer player.

Like your mama, you wear your heart on your sleeve and have plenty of emotion coursing through your veins. Also like your mama, when the movie gets scary, you hide behind a chair; when the decision doesn't go the way you think it should you pout; and when you want it now!, you don't take no for an answer.


The last year has been an adventure for you in growing up. You are smarter, skinnier, taller, wiser, and more vibrant than ever before. Dad always says that your stubborn nature will serve you well as you grow up and he's probably right. It's very safe to say that there isn't another kid like you in the whole world and lucky for me, you're mine. All mine.

I love you, baby boy. Even if you don't like it when I call you my baby boy.

Happy Birthday Elliott!

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