Thursday, January 20, 2011

Goofy is as goofy does

Yesterday in the bathtub my sweet and coo coo baby started blowing on the water. It took me a minute to figure out what he was doing. It finally dawned on me that he thought the ester was hot so he was blowing to cool it off. I asked him if he thought the water was too hot and he said, "uh huh. Hot!"

Elliott gas always had a pretty sophisticate vocabulary for a little kid. Growing up in a world of adults can do that to you. His new favorite word: unfurrled. Like, the Draco (some strange animal he's learned about) unfurls it's wings before it jumps from the tree.

He's also obsessed with "spern" whales right now. You and I know them as sperm whales, some of the largest in the ocean but he insists it's spern. I've given ip trying to argue.

and finally, we were on a "nap" drive last week. On of those drives where we were not stopping until both boys were asleep and I has a cherry diet coke safely in hand. Our regular route takes us through a pretty rural area- with lots of animals. The Chick was communicating through grunts, as is his norm. I didn't know what he was seeing or what he wanted. I said, "Chick, mama doesn't undertand grunts. What do you see?". He pauses for a moment and then whinnied like a horse. He just wanted to make sure I saw all the pretty horses too.

Smart boys

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