Monday, January 03, 2011

3 days in...


I slipped on the landing of my stairs on New Year's Day and hurt my ankle a bit.  I just wasn't paying much attention and my ankles sometimes forget their jobs.

Yesterday, post shower, just wearing my slip and a shirt, while biting a hang nail, I also wasn't paying attention and I fell down all 12 steps from upstairs to down.  It was probably pretty comical if it hadn't have been happening to me.  I flew in the air like a cartoon cat, landed with a thud, broke a stair, and slid all the way down to the landing that tripped me up two days before.  My left butt cheek is bruised down through my thigh, I have carpet burn on my upper left arm, my right wrist and hand hurts and I might have broken my back.

Also, just for the record: the brakes in my car aren't working well, my furnace isn't keeping the house warm, the house is a mess, the husband worked all weekend, and might be sleeping at the office all week long.  And, I sort of made a pact with myself to lay off the sugar a bit this week and after exercising this morning I went straight for the left over chocolate frosting in the fridge.

Grrrrr.  Why do I do that?

Yes, 2011, you're getting off to an awesome start.

Anyone have a little blowup donut I can sit on?

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