Tuesday, March 01, 2011

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There is that line at the end of Grease, when Danny Zuko comes to the end of year carnival wearing a letter man's sweater and the T-birds are like, "Danny Zuko turned jock?"  and he's all, "I did it to impress Sandy.  I'd do anything to get her back."

So my brother he turned....tennis?

Seriously.  Mr. Football.  Captain Basketball.  He tried out for the tennis team at school and made the cut.  He's one of 18 tennis players and he said he's not the worst.

Not sure who he's trying to impress with that one.  Willie, is there a Sandy somewhere I don't know about?

I don't know how to cheer for tennis.  Do you?


This is my sister-in-law.  She is 34 weeks pregnant with twin boys.  I bought her XL maternity t-shirts (she is itty bitty tiny) months ago and sent them with a note telling her that she could "aspire" to fit into them.  She told me today that they are some of the only things she can get around that belly of hers.  I have no idea what it's like to have two babies beating the crap out of me from the inside all day long and  and I'm so glad I don't.  Her babies, A and B collectively are weighing in at an estimated 10 lbs and they still have 6 weeks to go...though I'm pretty sure they won't make it to their April due date.

This is interesting...
My husband has one brother.  My mother-in-law has two sons.
I have two son.
My sister-in-law very shortly will have three sons.

We have no girls (except cutie pie Miss Molly and thank heavens for her!).
We women folk are sorely out numbered.
It seems it is impossible to get a girl in the family.

When all grand kid/great grand kids that are related to me, including my children, are added up on all sides of the family in the last nearly 5 years there are 9 boys and 1 girl.  These new boys, my soon to be sweet nephews, will make that 11 boys to 1 girl.

If we ever decide to add a third child to our family, the odds are stacked against me for sure...

I guess I ought to start training my boys to do hospital corners on beds, vacuum in straight lines, and enjoy going with me on the occasional run to JC Penny and for a late night diet coke.

PS - I forgot Baby Kate - my cousin's baby....two girls and 11 boys....
Sorry sweet baby girl....it was late at night!



My boys are funny.  Have I mentioned this to you yet?  Elliott uses big words and talks to me about animals of which I have no knowledge like Draco's and Remora's.  In fact this afternoon he did this thing with his hand, made a suction cup sound and stuck his hand to my head.  He then told me that I was a whale and he was a Remora (a fish I learned) that was suctioning onto me to catch a free ride.

They are mysterious animals, don't you know.

And my other boy?  He's totally crazy.  He says "Whoa" and "Hey" and today he learned the word "Elk".  On Sunday while in the car, he saw a dog.  We apparently didn't acknowledge the dog as much as we should have and he yelled, in an escalating tone, "dog....Dog....DOG!!!!!" for about 10 minutes until we reached our destination.

He also loves Mater.  As in Tow Mater.  From cars.  We have a movie with shorts starring Mater.  He of course, cannot say Mater.  Instead he moves his hands as if he were driving a steering wheel and says "Vroom....vroom".  This means, "Mother, may I please watch the 38 minute DVD starting my favorite and lovable tow truck Tow Mater?"  When I say, "Chick, do you want to watch Mater?" he smiles, says, "Yeah, Yeah!" and claps his hands as fast as he can.


Justin said...

Kate still thinks she's related to you...!

Jared and Kendra said...

As one who's been there ... twice ... I feel your sister-law's pain. Nothing fits past 32 weeks. Nothing you want to be seen in anyway.


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