Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Squirt:: 22 months


Hey Smart Fart.

What's happenin'?

Oh really? That's nice.

You my boy are 22 months old. When people ask how old you are you say, "two". Close enough.

The last month has been fun. You are smart and funny and talking up a storm. You tried a hot dog and like spaghetti. Go figure.

You love to cheer at basketball games and bask in the sun shine. You run everywhere and can communicate through sound almost as much as you can through words.


Case in point. Thursday we went to the zoo. You were in animal heaven and cried when we had to leave because you wanted to go and play with the elephants. When dad got home from work you attacked his knees as usual. Dad said, "Wyatt did you go to the zoo today?" You said, "uh huh!" Dad said, "What animals did you see?" and you immediately made the sound of an elephant, a gorilla, a chicken, a rooster and then something that your brother said was a giraffe. It was super cute.

I love to watch you play. You can entertain yourself so well. You'll go down in the basement to shoot baskets all alone byand can lay on the floor and drive cars for ages.

Your vocabulary is expanding at lightening speed. Today we were sitting watching a show before your crazy brother got home from school and you went to the drawer to grab a new blanket. The blue blanket in question however didn't have a tag, or in our house a "ticket". You climbed up onto my lap, felt around all for edges and then looked at me with sad eyes and said, "mama, no ticket".

A sentence. YOU MADE A SENTENCE. For that, you got kisses. And for my kisses, you gave me some back.

Every morning we go through the same routine.

You say, "mama, daddy?"
I say, "Dad's at work."
You say, "Dad truck."

Every school day you say, "Mama, Elliott?"
I say, "I don't know, where is Elliott?"
You say, "!"


Thank you for being my boy. Thank you for being cute and funny. Even when you tell me "NO" and take a swing I'm still amused...but only for another three weeks or so. I love your energy and your passion for the things that are important to you like balls, and blues clues and chocolate chips.

And cake. Man, you love cake.  And diet coke.  But that's a whole 'nother blog post.
The boy and his favorite beverage

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