Wednesday, March 09, 2011

on staying busy...

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On December 22, 2010 I quit my job. The decision to quit came months before. The desire to quit came the day the Chick was born. He's almost two now so you can imagine how antsy I had been to get the heck out of dodge. Before things went down last fall, Ross and I had decided that I'd quit my job this coming May, 2011. Though it was nice to have my pay check for savings and extra fun stuff, my salary wasn't necessary to our survival as a family of four and it was okay to say goodbye to a job that I no longer enjoyed doing. My sanity was more important than the pay check. My family more important than a j-o-b I'd grown to dread.

It's been nearly three months since I quit and my family has been very blessed. We don't seem missed the money. We're doing a decent job sticking to our budget. We're thinking about putting our house up for sale and moving to something different. We're happy.

It used to be a struggle to find 20 hours in a week to work part-time. Now I seem to be running out of time left and right and it's okay. It doesn't stress me out. Unemployment seems to suit me. Lucky. Lucky. Lucky.

In the last three months I've been so busy. I was able to make a last few visits with my Grandma that I wouldn't have thought I'd had time for, before. I edited and coordinated a 180 page family history book that went to print on Sunday night. I've baked cakes, done crafts, played basketball, volunteered my time, watched basketball, cleaned my house, exercised, read books...all things that I wanted to do but never really felt like I had the time. When I see a cool crafty thing online, I have the time to try it out. When I see a new recipe on a blog, I can whip it up for dinner. Even though it drives my controlling self crazy, I have time to sit down with my boys and watch them mix up all the paint colors, do crafts, and eat frosting off the beaters.

I work every day. I'm busy every day. I laugh with my kids every day.

Sometime soon, I'll be back in the workforce doing something that I want to do. That I love to do. Until then, I've realized I'm in a really good place right now.

I am happy.

It's not often I say that.

I'm still uptight and grumpy and overwhelmed and a little too intense for my kids and struggle to relax and wear stretchy pants every single day because it's comfy and easy.


The end!

And now...a movie where we say butt!

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