Friday, August 16, 2013

An e-mail exchange....

In my immediate family, we have a daily e-mail exchange.  Whomever is up first, sends the first e-mail, usually my sister or me.  My dad, in general, never responds but we know he reads them.  Unless he has something really important to ask, like if I have a book he needs or something.  He used to only write in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS but now he usually writes without yelling at us.  My mom, if she writes back, writes very late in the day, or a day later when she finally has the chance to catch-up.  Or, she just texts us.

We've been exchanging our daily e-mails for years.  I don't even know when we started, but I always look forward to it.  Basically, it's just a run down of our day, something that's happened in our lives or family, or sometimes, if Haley is having a bad day, it's just a conglomeration of numbers and symbols.

Or, a "Rrrraaaarrrrrhhhhhh!"

Or, if I'm having a bad day, just an "ug!"

Now that my brother is an "adult" we've decided to start including him on the e-mails.  He is pretty entertaining, telling us about the weirdos he mows the laws with as part of his job with the Granite District outdoor maintenance crew.

Today though, I got a chuckle and wanted to share a brief exchange.

Haley: Then, we went to Payless to buy ballet and tap shoes, tights, and a second pair of shoes for jackity jack.

Mom:Was Molly excited about ballet and tap shoes?

Annie: I'm excited about ballet and tap shoes.  I want a girl, too.

Willie:  I'm more excited about the tights. Can someone buy me some too. 

 Haley can I have some snicker doodles

Mom: Willie, You have tights --

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