Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Annual Cousin Visit!

For the last three years or so, every August Ross' brothers family makes the pilgrimage from Arizona to Utah for a week.  Ross' brother and his wife go to education week at BYU and we get to spend a lot of time with their kids.  This year, Isaac, my oldest nephew came up to Utah a few days before his parents and twin brothers and we got to take him on a lot of adventures.  Then, when the rest of the family arrived, we added two more little boys - six in total, and had ourselves a few more days of fun.

The short list of activities:
Swimming at my grandpa's pool
Bee's Baseball Game and fireworks with Uncle Ross
Family Dinner and mini Uno tournament
Lots and lots of playing at grandma and grandpa's house and at our house
Quality time in front of the TV watching Scooby Doo!
Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point
Church History Museum and lunch at City Creek
Early Birthday celebration dinner at Hires for Issac and Quinn -they share a birthday, September 2.

Best part of swimming....raiding the ice cream freezer! #bestsummerever

Scooby doo time



At the museum on cheap out tuesday.  I have a pass and didn't know there was a deal.  It was so insane wyaty started crying because there werw too many people.

Lunch at city creek


I think the highlight of the week was the grand adventure with Grandma and Grandpa.  The three big boys packed a bag and rode trax downtown with Ross' parents.  They explored Temple Square, rode trax in the free zone, ate dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and spent the night in a hotel.  They also got some pretty premiere treatment in the concierge lounge and Wyatt came home raving about his new favorite drink - a shirley temple, and favorite dessert, chocolate mousse.

My boys absolutely love their little twinner cousins.  In fact, all they can talk about is, "The twins", "The twinners" and "Mom, you know when the twins did...."  It's pretty fun to see them interact with the little guys.  My boys are so good to their baby brother, and all little farts for that matter, but there is a special place in their heart for little Luke and Jonah.  And, that little baby of mine, isn't so tiny because he's nearly the size and I think he weighs more, than his two and a half year old cousins.  I know that the little tank is going to thin out soon, but for now, I'm lovin' those thunder thighs.

It was a great and exhausting week.  Spending 11 days straight with your cousins you don't get to see very often is so exciting and so much fun.  We'll be able to head down to their neck of the woods in February (I think) so we can have some more exciting adventures.


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Bing Math said...

Cute boys! All 6 of them.


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