Monday, August 05, 2013

missing shavy jones

We sold Shavy Jones at the end of April.  As sad as it was to sell the best summer adventure ever, it's really been okay and just thinking about all the work involved and wondering how we would have fit it in this summer is a little overwhelming.

On Friday night, we ventured out and had our first shaved ice of the season.  It's August and our first shaved ice!  Holy cow!

We went to a place close to home that we know has the same kind of machine's as us and they cheat and make their own ice like we used to.  The ice was really good.  Soft just like snow.  The flavor?  I got my favorite lime rickey and it just wasn't that great.  Of course, I ate the giant thing and blew my blood sugar through the roof, but I just sat there wishing for my Shavy Jones.

Oh well.  Life goes on.

But, baby got to have his first taste of shaved ice and like with everything else, he loved it.  That kid has yet to find any food that he hasn't loved.

Baby likes shaved ice.  Baby and dad have same goofy face

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