Sunday, August 11, 2013

Quinner:: 11 months


Better late than never in your monthly update post little guy.  Sorry.  I'm not really sure where to start except that every where we go, when people see you, when they haven't seen you for a while they say, "oh my gosh, he is so big!" and your dad and I agree.  When people see you that haven't met you before, they automatically assume, because of your size, that you are at least one or older and then they seem disappointed and think you're a little slow when you don't do knuckles, or show them one finger for your age, or you know, answer their questions about Shakespeare.

Ya just can't win kiddo.  Sorry about that.


You can though, do lots of things.  Shall I list them?
You can eat dirt and paper and soap.
You can crawl on hot concrete and not be affected in the slightest by the heat.
You chase bees.
You point to animals, airplanes, and your brother's bedroom when I rescue you from your cage in the morning.
You love to go for walks in the stroller.
You throw major temper tantrums when dad and I tell you No!
You love to play in the water and have baths in the big bath tub.
You love to eat and lately, you love pretzels the most.
You can go all the way up the stairs and then stand at the top landing and yell at me to come and get you.  You cannot however, go down the stairs and sometimes, you try to go up the stairs standing and using the railing for support and it freaks me out.


You love Uncle Willie.
You are a little scared of cousin Jack because he always hits you....even though I think it's out of love.
You can pant like a puppy, pop your lips like a fish and when I make a hissing sound like a snake you giggle.
You are really good at throwing things on the floor, putting items in containers and eating food cooties under the kitchen table.
You have a great laugh and a loud cry.
You love to be outside.
You love to watch the garbage truck on Friday's.
You are getting to be a decent napper even though I'm pretty certain the luck of two naps a day is wearing off.  You'll sleep for about 90 minutes a day - and that is divided between two naps, sort of.  I'll take what I can get and some days our house is so loud I don't know how you sleep at all.  You still wake up at least once a night and your awesome-sauce dad gets up with you.  You are a lucky boy.

You get really excited in the car when the boys pay attention to you and when we pick Elliott up from school.  You also get really annoyed being in the car when you are all alone with me, or when you are tired.

You are only drinking a few bottles a day and mom and dad are excited that we've only got a few more weeks of formula, then on to whole milk.  It will blow your mind.

You are walking along furniture and when we hold your hands.  However, it's all on your tip toes and the pediatrician said we need to get you some heavy shoes to drag those heels to the ground. You've never worn shoes, or socks really so I'm not to anxious to cover up your feet.  I think that they are cute and like to breathe.  But, I'm pretty tired of crawling - it's so dirty, and so pushing your towards walking is probably the right move.  Then you can really get into trouble.


The last 11 months have gone by so quickly.  When we were deep in the throws of newborn land, I'm pretty sure your dad and I were just lost and confused and time probably felt like it went pretty slowly trying to figure you out.  But now, when you are on the cusp of ONE, I wish time would stand still just a little bit so I can savor that last bit of baby that's in you.

aug 13

Seriously big guy.  Slow down!

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