Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Another Griswald Adventure!

We realized that with a possible four day weekend in front of us, and a kid who is off track from school, and that it was the last week of summer, we should probably DO something.  So, my husband planned a nice little "stay cation" for us over Labor Day.

We stayed at a nice little resort near Jordanelle Reservoir called Stillwater.  Our unit was three connected rooms.  A room with a king bed, a room with a kitchen, and a room with bunk beds for the boys.  Even though Quinn was a caged tiger and a super pain in the but getting into everything, emptying cupboards, turning on the gas range, and shoving towels into the bathtubs and turning on the water, we had a lot of fun.

Its taken me all summer but I finally got me some luv!  And I'm in love.  Could eat one of these bad boys everyday.  And thanks to my kids that dont eat, I got to eat almost twom @waffluv

On Saturday, we drove into the nether regions of Pleasant Grove to find the Waffle Love waffle truck.  To get a waffle.  It was absolute heaven.  My was smeared with nutella and strawberries and whip cream and it was worth the drive.  Then, we drove up to Heber City and rode the Heber Creeper through Soldier Hollow, got lost in the mess that was the end of Swiss Days in Midway and had a dinner snafu at a pizza place in Park City.  The pizza was good.  Our children were not.  But, finding a couple of deals at the outlet mall made up for it.

Heber valley railroad #griswaldstaycation2013

Dangee baby loved the train #griswaldstaycation2013

All my favorites!  L O V E! #griswaldstaycation2013

Glamping #roughingit #griswaldstaycation2013

On Sunday,  the big boys rode the chair lift at Sundance while Quinn and I looked for Robert Redford (he wasn't there) and bough a very expensive rice krispie treat and chocolate chip cookie.   We drove from Heber to Sundance to....Lehi for lunch.  There is so little open in Utah County on a Sunday that our options were terribly limited so Culver's it was.  Sunday was by far one of the worst food days in the history of any traveling I've ever done, by the way.  It just wasn't in the cards to eat a good meal.

Looking for Robert redford #griswaldstaycation2013

YuRT happens! #griswaldstaycation2013

Mad ninja skills #showoff #shockthemonkey  #griswaldstaycation2013

We took the boys fishing at Vivian Park in Provo Canyon and they had a ton of fun learning how to fish for a real fish instead of casting to the grass in the backyard.  I was really proud of their patience with the whole thing and had a wonderful (15 minute) nap on a blanket in the grass while Quinn slept in his stroller.

Fishing!  They've been waiting all week to fish and have practiced casting in the back yard for days.  I think though that they are only going to catch moss.. #griswaldstaycation2013

On Sunday night, we came back to our condo, watched a little duck dynasty and then headed out for dinner when, low and behold, most stuff in Park City was closed on a Sunday, too.  So, without going into any detail, we ended up at the Arby's in Kimball Junction.  EPIC FOOD FAIL!  And, as has happened every other time we've taken him to Arby's...Wyatt threw up.

#epicfail #desperatetimes #griswaldstaycation2013 #nothingelseisopen

And to add salt to the wound, we went into a Wal-Mart in the pouring rain to get some things for breakfast and as all trips to Wal-Mart end up, it was bad.  Really, really bad.

On Monday, it was of course Quinner Quinner Chicken Dinner's birthday so we sang to him a hundred times.   After the celebration was under way we got packed, went to Ross' favorite Mexican food place in all of Utah, El Chubasco and headed home for a long Monday full of lots of grumpiness.  I mean, that's what holiday's are for, right?

Happy birthday to my little squish! #mybabyisgrowingtofast #love #griswaldstaycation2013

Final meal..we've messed it up two days in a row.  Finally got it right. #griswaldstaycation2013

Regardless, it was a great little weekend.  I love my boys and they make me laugh.  Quinn totally loved the Heber Creeper and hung his whole body out the window waving to the trees and the grass as we drove by.  Elliott and Wyatt were really good and had so much fun.  My good husband planned a whole weekend just for us, his little family.  He took charge of every detail.  I LOVE it when he does that.  He even talked to me in the car instead of just listening to his headphones.  I love that even more.

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emj said...

Yay for the waffle truck! I am so glad you went. Did Ross plan this as well. Looks like a nice condo. Fun weekend.


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