Monday, September 23, 2013

Family Picture Time!

In 2009, when Wyatt was 2 months old, the famdamily headed to a portrait studio for a family photo session.  None of us like to get our pictures taken and so we knew that those pictures would last us for a while.

Well, I guess a while came.  There are three more kids in the family and my baby brother will be leaving in a few months to live in Lithuania for 2 years.  No time like the present to get some new family photos taken.

Initially, we tried to do the pictures in February and Molly got sick on the way to the studio.  We waited again until the summer, and after several scheduled sessions, discovered conflicts, and rescheduled sessions, we finally got the pictures done on Friday night.  At 7:15.  Which was too late for a couple of the kiddos to be on their best behavior.  So, poor, tired, teething Quinner will be marked in his one year old family photos as a bit of a cry baby.  But, he tried hard to be a good boy and crashed out immediately in the car on the way home.  Molly and Jack had their moments, Molly being our ever loving family drama queen, but Elliott and Wyatt were gems....they've got this family photo stuff down.

Maybe it's because I take their pictures all the time!

Anyway, the pictures, even with Quinn crying, turned out great and I'm glad that we've got them to last us at least another two or hopefully another four years.





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