Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Today would have been my Grandma Huber's 83 birthday.  It's been almost three years since she passed away on January 22, 2011.  She died the day before Elliott's birthday and forever and ever, the day of his birth with be closely associated with the day of my Grandma's passing.

I posted probably my most favorite picture of my Grandma on Instagram today and got lots of really nice comments.


This photo is quintessentially my grandma!  We will never know what she was talking to these little farts about (she called these three the triplets, all being born within months of each other), but I know it was important.  Probably about the candy in her purse.  Or threatening them to be good for the picture.  Or a really neat story about the temple.

I think about her every day.  I talk to her every day.  Not every day, but a lot of days, I get teary thinking about her.  So much of who I am, how I talk and carry myself, how I dress, how I raise my kids is influenced by this awesome lady.  I just hope she is looking down on me from heaven, telling me that I'm doing a good job, because I'm trying really hard to do a good job.

To celebrate my Grandma, my Grandpa wanted all those who could make it to meet at the cemetery at 6:30 tonight.  We all showed up, on time, and he said a few words and then offered a family prayer.  Today was an interesting day because it rained cats and dogs most of the day and was blustery and dreary.  But, when it was time to gather and remember, the clouds parted, the blue sky came out, and the rays of heaven shown down on us.

My grandma definitely has some weight to throw around in heaven.
Happy birthday grandma!  (Missing 15 people)
There was a good chunk of the family missing tonight (15 or so members) but we were all there ready to celebrate.  And, like all of our family parties, food became our primary focus.  My grandma loved to go out for a burger and so that's what we all did....grandpa's treat!  All 40 or so of us rained down on Crown Burgers like a hurricane and, being super crowded anyway, swept over the place.  They ran out of ice, soda, and fry sauce. 

Happy Birthday Grandma.

I will love you forever and always!

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