Thursday, May 29, 2014

Catching up in May: Arizona Cousin Visit

Clear back at the beginning of May, we got to have a quick Utah visit with our Arizona cousins.  They came to Utah so their mom could go to the BYU Women's Conference and even though the timing wasn't great for us (school and baseball sort of ruled our life), we tried our hardest to spend some time with our cousins.

It's been our tradition for a while now, when Elliott goes off track, either on the day he's off or the following Monday to go bowling.  Our tradition started with Uncle Willie, when Quinn could hardly crawl and were going strong, nearly a year late when he can walk...and run away to the arcade.  So, we were able to take Isaac and his dad (Ross' brother) with us and introduce him to bowling.  Isaac had never been before (or so he told us) and I was quite surprised how quickly he picked it up and seemed to have fun.

On the last night they were here, we had a BBQ at our house so the boys could hang out and play together.  It was also the day before Ross' birthday and the week before Wyatt's so a few gifts were given.  All 6 boys had a great time running around and playing in the yard.    At the end of the night, as we tried to get our standard group kid picture, there was one kid (Quinn of course) who wouldn't quite cooperate, but we at least tried.

These boys are growing up faster than we can blink.



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