Sunday, May 11, 2014

Skyping with our missionary

Bright and early this morning, Mothers Day, we got up and dressed and flew out the door.  I may have been motivating the troops a little too aggressively, but we had a very important place to be.  That brother of mine, the #lithuanianexpress, was going to be skyping with us from the other side of the world, at my moms house, and I wasn't going to miss one second of it.

I didn't have to worry.  His call was almost an hour late.

When he finally did call, it was pretty funny.  My mom and sister and I, and all the kids were sitting in the office waiting impatiently, staring at the computer monitor when Ross walked into the room.  He had Willie LIVE on HIS phone!  I still don't really know why Willie got a hold of Ross, but I guess it makes sense, when you need a guarantee that someone has their technology ready to go, it's my husband.  Ross handed his phone to my mom with a smirk and she screamed!

"Oh, is that my son!"

"Oh my!"

Then she was speechless.

Ross took the phone back, talked to Willie and we got everything figured out to get him on the computer so we could all see him.  He had forgotten his Skype user name and password and was using his companions.  Shock.

Talk I g to my brother ( unofficial son) is the best mothers day present.

But, when that kids face appeared on the screen, he lit up like a firecracker.  And we lit up like firecrackers.  It was the best "present" his three moms could have asked for on Mother's Day, his real mom in particular.  We were able to talk with him for about an hour with no time delay.  It was so fun to be sitting in a room with all of us, and him, just like he was really there.  Laughing at us (and with us), smiling and talking to the kids, and watching them all be hauled out of the office screaming in turn, just like at Sunday dinner.

When it was time to say goodbye, we did so joyfully.  There were no tears, just exuberance.  There was so much energy.  I know, we all know that what my brother is doing is so right and so good.  He is a fine young man and is serving the people of Lithuania with all his heart mind and spirit.  I love that kid to pieces and always will.

Talking to yhe #lithuaniaexpress
Elder petersen elder marshall.  They both like george Michael and manatees. #lithuaniaexpress

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