Friday, May 30, 2014

Catching up in May: Off-track adventures

Whenever Elliott goes off-track from school his pattern is the same.

Week 1: Sleep in until 9 am, struggle to figure out what to do, how to be home, how to behave, how to get along with Wyatt.  Get in trouble a lot.  Do some stuff with mom and brothers.

Week 2:  Sleep in until 9 am, struggle to figure out what to do, how to be home, how to behave, how to get along with Wyatt.  Play with friends. Get in trouble a little bit.  Start to get sick.

Week 3: Sleep in until 9 am, find a groove, play with Wyatt, hang out with mom, go to the doctor and get diagnosed with something (this time bronchitis and an ear infection), stop getting into trouble.

When Elliott went back to school last Monday, he jumped out of the car, yelled a quick goodbye as he slammed the door shut and flew on a cloud, running to meet his friends.  You see, my oldest child is a social and extroverted being stuck smack dab in the middle of a family full of people who are perfectly content being home all day long doing their own things, minus the occasional trip to Target or to get a Slurpee.  Or go to a museum.  This mama and eldest son face monumental power struggles, but the mama is starting to figure out how to back-off and let the seven year old do his own thing.  Even though for the life of him, he cannot figure out what his own thing is.

We did have a good break though.  We ate and slurpeed and played in sprinklers.  We blew lots of bubbles, went to museums, and got to meet our dad in the middle of the day for lunch.  The boys played video games and played with friends and played baseball and soccer and jumped on their trampoline until their feet were black.  We made cookies and went to the new Aquarium (lame and expensive) and the new Children's museum (which was totally awesome by the way) at Thanksgiving point and my children, who rush through everything, ran out of time and didn't even see everything.

I try really hard to be a good mom.  To give my boys lots of wide and varied experiences.  To get them out of the house and to see that there is so much out there for them to touch and smell and see and do.  To introduce them to lots of people and places and open their eyes to the world around them.  I hope it's rubbing off.

If nothing else,


at least....

I manage to make them really tired.

Apparently we cannot go anYwhere at 5:00 pm. #sleepy #whydonttheygotobedlikethis

5:30 on a friday night.  They are ready to party. #brothersleanthesameway

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