Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Catching Up in May: Wyatt's Birthday!

In our Family, Ross and I decided that we'd do friend's parties for the boys on major birthday's - five, eight and twelve.  Well, Wyatt hit one of those milestones so a Lego party it was.  We tossed around ideas for weeks about some of the things that he wanted to do for the party without any real solid plan of activities until a day or two before.  All he really knew he wanted to do was to frost sugar cookies at the party.  Okay, that's a pretty easy request.  And honestly, I was more concerned about the party favors (homemade coloring book, crayons, poppers, hi-chews, and a Lego mini figure) than the actual festivities anyway.

Besides, with Ross and Elliott and Quinn as my helpers, and a small group of wild five year olds, what could possibly go wrong.  Nothing of course.  The party was a huge success and a lot of fun. I was really happy that we were able to do such a fun thing for Wyatt, like we were able to do for Elliott when he turned five.





And then, after a quick clean up, and a few errands, we turned around and had a small family party for Wyatt in the evening.  He requested Mt. Mike's pizza as his party food and I made him the ugliest, yet tastiest Lego brick cake with chocolate Lego guys.  Great Grandpa wasn't able to join us, but we were able to tell him all about the parties when we visited with him a few days later.

I always feel very lucky that my boys are so loved by so many people.  Family is a pretty incredible thing.




We offered to buy Wyatt a new bike for his birthday.  He declined the offer.  Instead, he wanted a Lego X-wing, complete with Luke and R2D2 and requiring about three hours of his dad's time.  The instruction manual was a short novel and dad diligently put the thing together, with Wyatt by his side for a little bit of the construction.  He was a pretty happy kid though and a few weeks later, with minimal repair, has managed to keep the thing still put together.

We wanted to buy him a new bike for his birthday.   He just wanted an x-wing instead.   Saved us hundreds of dollars and @rrosshowden had a three hour activity this afternoon.   #promisesnottotakeitapartforonemonth


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