Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy Birthday, Grandma P.

It's so nice of my grandma's to celebrate their birthdays five days apart.  That way, I get to think of them all the time, like I don't think of them all the time already.

My Grandma P. was such a talented lady.  All she ever wanted to do was to teach me to crochet, and to sew and to cook wonderful foods and treats.

Well, I figured out the food part.  I'll never get the crocheting thing down.  But, every single time I sew anything, I think about her.  And sometimes I catch myself looking up, towards the heavens, because I think I can feel her looking down, watching me, coaching me, and telling me that I did a good job.

All this grandma of mine every wanted for me was to get married, have babies and be happy.  She wanted me to stop being so picky, to find someone, and build a life with that person, for eternity.  I really hope that I did a good job.  And I hope that as I teach my boys about her, and how important she was in my life, that I do a service to the amazing person she was, and is.  Because she is still her, guiding and protecting and teaching me.

Happy Birthday, Grandma.  Love you!

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