Monday, September 01, 2014

Labor Day!

A few weeks ago I told Ross that on Labor Day we were not going to sit at home but that we were going to go on an adventure and that he was in charge of the planning.  Well, really, I wanted to go to the mountains and avoid doing all those things at the house that I am supposed to do and last week I told him exactly that.

So, it was off to Mirror Lake in the high Uintah's this morning for such an adventure.  We stopped at the Provo River Falls, walked around the lake and the boys tried their hand (and failed) at fishing.  While watching the boys cast their lines into the rocks, Quinn saw a moose, an eagle, and a baby crocodile.  He may have also seen some mythical creatures and some dinosaurs.  He did not however, manage to catch any of the chick monkeys, or dogs, or hawks that were actually, really within our view.

After our trip to the mountains we ended up at El Chubasco in Park City for some Mexican Food.  It was good.

We had a nice day.








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