Friday, September 12, 2014

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The last couple of weeks I've kind of been a sewing maniac. I think it's not only because I like to do it and I'm getting a lot better at it, but because it helps me keep my sanity. I bought the pattern to make these big tote bags, and along with the pattern, comes the "license" to make/sell them on a small homebased business scale, which is something I'm thinking about doing. And the little zipper pouches. I have finally mastered the zippered pouch and don't have to watch the tutorial anymore to make them. Yeah!


All the rain we've had the last few weeks have really made my flower beds go Disneyland crazy. They will never really be worthy of the D-land title, but as I sit on my porch every afternoon and look at their beauty, that's what I think about. I pretty much have a seasonal addiction to flowers and this year, with the help of the cooler summer and so much rain fall, I really have so much beauty to look at.


After the rain finally stopped the other day and the boys and I ventured outside to look for worms, we found this little guy instead. He was the brightest blue I've ever seen, and not much bigger than my thumbnail. The big boys wanted to squish and salt him but I said no. He was too pretty to kill. Never in my life have I seen a blue snail before.


Preston and Katie welcomed their cute little baby, Beau, almost two weeks ago, a couple weeks early. Then Preston had to go out of town for work. Katie is a champ and has been handling things on her own beautifully, but Quinn and I offered to head to her house to help her out the other morning. We got to love us some sweet new heavenly scented baby while she showered and did all the things she needed to do before taking him for his 2 week check-up, without worrying (hopefully) about him and his needs. He peed on me, and Quinn and I had to change his whole outfit and man alive, new babies are tiny. And, though holding him may have been the best thing I did all week, I'm pretty happy that I don't have something that tiny and needy at my house. I'll take my three bruisers any day and am happy to be slowly moving away from baby land.


We definitely know that the seasons are changing when the breathing machine comes out from under the sink. Wyatt always has a cough, but things are getting worse and to hopefully avoid the doctor, we'll be spending our weekend here - on the chair, with the machine, sucking in medicine and watching cartoons of his choosing.

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