Friday, February 23, 2007

If you can't celebrate in style, why bother

A few posts ago, Ross mentioned the stupid house near ours that decorates for every single holiday.

Though we missed documenting the Valentine's Day extravagance, we did manage a covert picture last night.

I had really hoped to have seen some President's Day decor, but they skipped that holiday moving right over to the Irish.

Hopefully, these pictures can become a blog tradition.

melanie and justin118

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Lindsey Montague said...

Whoa. Is that in Daybreak? I obviously don't drive around enough at night. There is another decorate-for-all-holidays house on Kestral in one of the green courts. I have decided that this phenomenon of over-decorating is found only in the suburbs. I never saw such madness in Sugarhouse or the Harvard/Yale area, which is what DB is supposedly trying to recreate on the west side.


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