Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Ho hum, ho hum...dum dum dum dum dum

The last few days, four to be exact, I've been living in sinus infection/new medication land.

It's nothing like Disneyland I tell you. I don't recommend it.


On Sunday, my husband made me go to General the flesh. It's not my thing but he says we have to go every three or four years, like paying our dues. I slept through most of the first hour (see: sinus infection and sudafed overdose) and had ants in my pants for the second hour. Let me just tell you Internet a couple of things. One - when they say, "no flash photography" that means that you need to not only put your cell phone camera away but if your cell phone camera has a flash you need to be smarter than the phone camera and turn it off when you are breaking the rules. Twice. And second, not that there is an official "dress code" for being a Latter Day Saint, but if you are going to go to all the trouble to go to conference, bring your journal and sit and take notes, then maybe wearing a skirt that actually covers your butt, instead of just legging/butt/chair touching then that would be a good idea. And third...I may be the only girl in Utah that doesn't own or wear go-go boots.

Wake me up before you go-go!

But, my husband did stop at a gas station and buy me a diet coke for the trip home ON A SUNDAY! With my money.

He rules!

My sinus issues are making life difficult. It sucks to not feel good. I've been sleeping with ice packs on my head, had almost no appetite, haven't been walking my 10,000 steps a day and I've let my kids watch too much TV this week. To make it worse, we've played Angry Birds more than any group of people should be allowed. It's making us, well, angry.

We did go outside....

But it was butt cold and all I did was attack the weeds in my lawn while my boys threw each other...even though they were pretending really hard that they weren't throwing them at each other.

I also planted flowers over the weekend. It took me all day to plant three flats of pansies because life interrupts me....taking my car back to the dealership because it was leaking oil because the dealership cracked the oil cap but didn't tell us and weren't they nice not to charge us for the "repair". And then I mowed the dead lawn. And made pink lemonade cupcakes. And then my 4 year old helper just started yelling at me because all he wanted to do was use the miracle grow. And other stuff but I cannot remember.


And then, just because it's how we roll, today we busted out the birthday party hats. Elliott asked me if I had made them. I said no. He was disappointed.



And, if you want to watch a little of the you go.
I tell ya, I live in a zoo

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