Friday, April 22, 2011

a royal wedding

Royal Wedding

It's a week away. The Royal wedding. Are you going to stay up and watch it? I'm undecided but it might just be a good night to have insomnia.

What is it about the Royal Family that gets to us Americans? Is it that we don't have one? Is it that we all secretly wish to be royalty? Is it that we wish we were English and had a pish-posh accent and played with Yorkie dogs all day long?

I don't think so, but I was only a baby when Diana got married and I think the Royal watcher gene was passed down from my mom. I watched Diana's funeral, I love English films, and today I bought myself a replica of the sapphire and diamond engagement ring because I just couldn't stand not having one anymore.

I think Harry is much cuter though.

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Codi said...

Me too!!! I think Harry is super cute and he seems like he'd be more fun.

I'm debating staying up too. Blake keeps telling me that the whole event will be played out over and over again at a decent hour. But there's something about watching it in real time, don't you think?!


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