Saturday, April 09, 2011

Living in the land of boys....

Sometimes being the mother of two young monsters is more than I can handle.  Yesterday was rough because, well you know, anyone who tries to take a 2 year old to target is out of her mind.

He already calls the little seat in the cart a baby seat.

How do I put him in the baby seat when he obviously isn't a baby.

He does after all, know his own name. He is apparently very self aware.

The other boy? My first born? He tries so hard to be good that he is a little stressed out all the time. And I'm a bad mom for him and drive him crazy because he doesn't color in the lines. He is a boy though, and he's pretty funny. He really liked playing soccer and being able to build a camaraderie with some of the boys on his team.

And yesterday - it was the best.

Dad was home helping me with my dead phone. He decided to help Elliott get dressed for school. Elliott decided that he didn't need help and that was that.

He went to preschool. We picked him up from school, got some lunch and came home. We ate our lunch. I sent some e-mails on the laptop because my phone is dead.

The boys ran upstairs screaming and playing.

The kitchen was quiet.

A few minutes later, my oldest born came down to find me. He was laughing a bit uncontrollably.

He said, "Mom, guess what!"

I said, "what?"

He said, "Look," and pulled down the waistband of his track pants "Dad forgot to put underwear on me this morning and I went to school without underpants!".

At first I didn't believe him. I emailed his dad. I laughed out loud.

Funny that my kid blamed his dad for something he forgot to do.

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Leatham Family said...

Get used to it. It is always the parents fault. Ask your Mom and Dad.


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