Saturday, April 16, 2011

In a nutshell...

My Internet has been craptastic this week.  Seriously.  It hasn't worked a lick, unless I want to wait a really long time and then throw something.  Even then it still doesn't work.  I guess because our internet didn't work we had to try harder to entertain ourselves.  When there is no to play, things have to get creative.  Here's a sampling of the week.

My little boy thinks he's a dog.  The older brother says, "Wyatt, fetch" and said little boy chases after the thrown item panting and retrieves it like a good little puppy.

Life is better now and I'm on the mend, but I was really sick (sinus infection, allergies, cold) for two freaking weeks.  That's a lot of bright green and brown snot rocketing in case you were concerned. Because I didn't feel good I copped out on fixing lunch this week and went the easy route - thank you in-and-out and chick-fil-a. We did eat strawberries with our burgers so that makes it healthy I think.


We played outside even though it was kind of cold and even though playing outside really means that bikes were crashed, screams were let loose, and moms called time-out. Also, my bulbs are starting to bloom and they are so pretty.


We watched the gas company tear up the yard between two houses right next to us.  Those homes were evacuated.  We were not.  There were 6 trucks and a bulldozer working into the night to fix a gas leak...maybe that explains my headaches.


We got a table centerpiece and I braved IKEA (ALONE) with two munchkins who fight to scan everything. I don't know why I'm dumb enough to go there alone all the time. Dumb.


We went shopping for Easter clothes. Next year I better remember that if I want to have a good selection of khakis, shirts and sweater vests that I'd better Easter shop in February, not April because all the stuff is gone. While shopping I had to get the older boy some new shoes - he'd worn holes through the toes of his old ones. The younger boy, as part of a silent and not so silent protest, has been wearing the new shoes non stop. Me thinks I'll be heading back to the store for a pair in size Chick.


What else did we do?


We sat on the floor and watched lunch cook. Those mini pizzas just weren't fast enough.


One of us watched "Dino Dan" and "Wild Kratts" from his cage. Believe it or not, this is one of his favorite places to hang out....with about 12 blankets.


And, just because you wanted to know, today I got paid to make cupcakes. I love it when that happens. They were pink lemonade, came with an accompanying cute little pink cake, and I hope that the party people like them. I love it when I get paid to bake.

How was your week?

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Adelaide said...

the cakes were AWESOME. everyone LOVED them. young and old.
THank you!!



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