Friday, February 24, 2012

Booger picking spaz

While traveling....forget that, nearly every minute of the day, my technology is not my own.  We have the "pink phone" and the "purple phone" and there is always a monster fight to decide who gets which phone, the pink one being deemed lesser and mom being deemed unworthy of either.

When we travel in the car for a long trip, this is how it goes.

My husband shoves ear buds into his ears, finds his favorite pod cast and drives, laughing like Beavis and Butt head (and burping a lot, though I'm not sure why) for hours on end.  When I try to talk to him, he cannot hear me.  When I ask him a question, he is unaware.  In order to get him to stop so I can use the bathroom, I pretty much have do go crazy in the car to get his attention.

My children sit in the back seat doing one of two things.  Staring at little DVD screens watching Cars 2 or they each have a phone and they are staring at the screen, a few steps away from going blind.

For the most part, I'm cool and the gang with this situation.  However, after about 6 hours of it...the males in my life doing their own thing and ignoring me, leaving me to sit and stare out the window in absolute silence I start to lose it.

Losing it usually results in me moaning, whining, and occasionally, swearing and yelling at them.

Guess what they do in response.  Unplug, listen to the rant, laugh at me, and plug back in.

But for at least Elliott, who lucked out with good old purple most of the drive home, he did a great job (as seen in the video) entertaining himself.

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Bing Math said...

Where did he wipe it?


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