Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a taste of san diego

We arrived home last night after traveling 13 hours through 4 states.  My children were excellent in the car on the long drive home except for the last hour or so and who can blame them.  My bum is still numb from sitting in a rented mini van all day long.

We went to San Diego on a grand familial adventure which will get it's own post soon enough.  After I have some clean clothes and underwear.  Which at the moment, I do not have.

I would however, like to share with you some of our food adventures.  When we travel, our children collect stuffed animals as souvenirs.  My husband and I collect full bellies of tasty food.  Here is a small sampling.

Raising Cane's.  THE BEST CHICKEN FINGERS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! If we had the money, we'd open a franchise locally because it totally sucks that we only get these things in Las Vegas once a year or less.  Delicious melt in your mouth chicken, crinkle fries and a giant slice of Texas toast buttered and grilled.  And crushed ice.  They have crushed ice.

The finest chicken fingers my money has ever bought. I could eat at raising canes every day!

Lee's Sandwiches in SO CAL (pretty much just orange county though) is, for my husband, worth any detour necessary.  It's a Vietnamese (or is it Korean?) sandwich joint that has primarily pork based sandwiches on french baguettes that they make in house all day long.  I get the BBQ pork and it comes drenched in soy sauce with jalapenos, carrots, cilantro and a bunch of other stuff I cannot recognize but tastes yummy.

Next stop on the food tour:  lees sandwiches. BBQ pork w cilantro ad jalapeño. Yum!

A few others worth mentioning - best cheap eats of San Diego for the last couple of years was Devine Pastabilities.  A pasta and pizza place that serves it's pasta stuffed in a hoagie roll.  The whole concept grossed me out so I got a salad.  Ross however proclaimed it was one of the best things he's ever eaten.

Ross torpasta from Devine pastabilities. I just had a salad.

El Indio was pretty awesome Mexican food that had been featured on Diners, Drive-In's and Dives.  The food was good and their chips were awesome.  So good that we actually brought the extras home.


Let's see, what else?  Filippi's pizza and pasta in little Italy.  Not my favorite but one of those huge serving, authentic-ish Italian places where Ross can eat all his lasagna and pasta and the left over pizza and salad and garlic bread and then we have to roll him out of the restaurant.


Also, we ate at Ruby's diner, one of my favorites to take the place of Johnny Rockets for great greasy food and giant malts and shakes that they bring you BEFORE your food. Awesome.


We got doughnuts a couple of times early in the morning and they were good.


We provided a quick meal for some sea lions at sea world but did not partake ourselves.


We bought four dollar cupcakes that were beautiful but not as tasty as they should have been.


And unfortunately, our worst meal, in my opinion came from the Asian flavor spot at the San Diego Zoo (Shock). The only thing we ate the whole trip that had leftovers headed for the trash.


And that my friends, not including about a dozen churros and diet cokes, made up a pretty tasty trip.

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