Tuesday, February 14, 2012


We don't officially celebrate Valentine's Day. We call it "VD" because that is somehow funny.

Even though we don't officially celebrate, there always seems to be a card floating around, some chocolate covered strawberries (the size of my fist and absolutely divine) to be consumed and a small gift, usually including pez, for the boys.

And, this year, I bought myself a new jacket (two actually at 50% off the lowest ticketed price which gave me two for less the price of one...steal) and a box of cherry cordials. Yum!

A dozen for the day we don't celebrate. We each get 4 and they are as big as my fist.

VD is dumb. Bought my own candy this morning.

Oh, and the boys painted ceramic magnet frogs because how else am I going to get them to stop whining at the craft store except with a walk down the dollar aisle?

Painting frog magnets

Bribery w dollar aisle stuff  at the craft store is the only way to survive.

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