Sunday, February 26, 2012


Our trip to San Diego wasn't just the four of us.  We traveled with Ross' family - his parents and his brothers family.  This was the first time we'd ever traveled together as such a large group - 6 adults and 5 kids five and under and I think we were all prepared for any sort of adventure that fell upon us.

Luckily - all the adventures were of the good variety.

The first all day family outing was to Lego Land.  This was largely to humor my Lego obsessed children and those boys of mine could have, much to the boredom of their parents, spent the entire vacation at Lego Land.  People had told me that the park is really geared towards little boys around 7 years old and those people couldn't have been more right.  I'll extend the age group from 3-9 year old boys, but it's pretty much the same thing.

All we needed was a burp and fart station, and the entree into boy land would have been complete. 

We rode kid rides, played kid games, made kid driver's licences, built race cars in a building with the biggest collection of Lego's I've ever seen, and saw little boys living out their wildest fantasies.  I thought that maybe my kids dreamed about Lego's before our visit to the park but I'm pretty certain that after our visit, they do for sure.

It was a grand adventure.











The warmest day of our trip was the day we spent in Carlsbad.  It was delightful.  I got a sunburn.  We really had so much fun.  We played, we rode rides, we made Wyatt go on a little roller coaster that scared the crap out of him.  Not literally of course - that took a little help from the Walgreen's and dad that night in the hotel room.

As we were leaving the park, I only had one thing on my mind.  Gassing up the mini van.  We'd coasted into San Diego the night before on fumes.  We drove to Lego Land on the fumes of fumes and never in my life have I been in a car that was so low on gas.  34 miles in the tank before my husband quit messing with my head and filled up the tank.


We all met up for dinner at this place called Tip Top meats.  It didn't make the food post because I didn't remember to take a picture.  I got a French dip.  It was excellent!  We ended the night as we always seem to do when we travel.  Ross found an outlet mall with a Banana Republic outlet.  The second BR outlet run of the trip.

And then, Ice cream.  Who doesn't want to eat ice cream in California when the sun goes down in February and it's only 42 degrees outside.

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