Wednesday, February 01, 2012

HOME project

On a small wall in my home hung a giant clock.  A giant clock that had been hanging and not telling time since June, when we moved in.  Though I found it to be embarrassing, displaying a broken clock in its full glory, and stressful for the occasional guest who got confused at the time, the husband insisted that it stay up.  That he would fix it.

Well, when that husband was gone for two weeks I took it upon myself to find something new to hang in the spot where the broken clock loomed over head.


First, I went to the local craft store and found some giant letters - on sale, for about $4 a piece.  Next, I borrowed some old National Geographic and Sierra Club maps from my dad. He gave me one for the Korea's.  I chose to not use that one.  Then, I set about with the modge podge and went to town gluing the maps to the letters.

Now, when I looked at those letters up on the wall, the project felt incomplete.  Like something was missing.  I decided that the wall needed a little bit of "art" along with the letters so I hopped onto my computer to make something.  I found a map of Utah online that I liked, pulled it into photoshop and filled it in with gray.  Then, I had some free digital scrapbook papers that I'd downloaded ages ago that served as a perfect background to the gray Utah.

A quick print, frame (frames I already had from IKEA), and hang and I had myself another homemade installation.  I have to say that I like this much better than the broken clock.




Codi said...

I love this Annie! Nice work!!

Rika said...

sign looks soooo good. xo


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