Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The season comes to an end

There isn't much to say that hasn't already been said.

Haley and my mom hit on some key points of the state tournament game yesterday.  I just showed up, yelled a lot, swore a couple times, and was hoarse by the end.  I don't like to see good teams play bad.  I don't like to see teams get homered and an unfair game called.  I do however like to watch my brother bust his  butt on the court and am proud that he can hold his head high because he did his best, hustled when he needed to hustle, and ended the game knowing he did his best.  I love to watch my baby brother play basketball!

And, I'm proud of him for his efforts to generate some school spirit from a school that tries to crush school spirit as quickly as possible.  The first games of the season there were a handful of students attending the games, for boys and girls.  But, by being "Mr. Awesome" and waging a full fledged twitter and facebook campaign, my brother and a few of his friends were able to create one of the best student sections, I bet in the state. 

The power of persuasion, perseverance, and putting yourself on the line.  Pretty freakin' cool.

Regardless of how insane the game was yesterday, I pretty much just took pictures.  Here they are (more on flickr)

state tourney 12








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