Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A whole new world!

My sleepy buddy. Waking this kid up is nearly impossible.

It's been a long time since a newborn has graced our lives.  Wyatt started walking at 10 months and from that point on, he was no longer a baby.  Sitting on a hospital bed with my brand new ball of goo sleeping next to me in his bassinet is a pretty surreal experience.

There have been many times in the last few weeks where Ross told me how long he thought the process was taking to get Quinn here.  I guess when you find out that a baby is going to join your family almost on the earliest day you can find out, it does take a long time.  But, Sunday morning sure came quickly for me.

Of course, I didn't sleep at all on Sunday night.  I wasn't allowed to eat anything after midnight so the insomnia could have been brought on by the 10:30 pm chick-fil-a run, or the snoring husband, or the absolutely insane nervous energy I was feeling.  All I know is that 5:00 am wasn't coming soon enough and the second I could get out of bed, showered and ready I was.  I even had time to paint my toe nails.  If that isn't a total nerdy move, I'm not sure what is.

Ross and I left for the hospital as soon as my mom got to our house and everything was right on schedule.  Going so long without anything to eat or drink is pretty hard, but I survived for the third time.  There were a couple moments of absolute queasiness from my arrival at the hospital to the point that Quinn was born but I didn't puke.  I saved that for much later, after my recovery.  Stupid apple juice.  I'm not sure what's worse - puking with a bunch of nurses, your husband and newborn in the room, or puking a few hours after a c-section.  Probably the latter.

Anyway, This time around was very different than the first two kiddos, mostly because I just wasn't as numb, was more alert, and totally knew what to expect.  I had no pain of course but I could feel every tug and every snip and every push.  And, I could feel Quinn giving me my last few jabs to the ribs at the same time my doctor was cutting me open to get him out.  If that isn't the freakiest thing ever I'm not sure what is.

Once he was here, just like his brother's, he went to the NICU, and just like Wyatt, he was only there about three hours before he was able to come up to the nursery and then to my room.  And as soon as I got this little guy into my arms, all those last weeks of pain and swelling and migraines was of course, totally worth it.  I cannot give him enough kisses.  I cannot smell his sweet head enough.  He came to us from the nursery with a Mohawk.  The nurses had a bit of fun with his long hair and it has stayed.  The hawk fits him though so I think we'll keep it up at home, too.

This little guy has reminded me why I love being a mom.  Why I love babies.  Why all the sacrifices to get him here, no matter how challenging, were totally worth it.  I now have three beautiful sons who are the absolute light of my life.  Every minute the boys have spent at the hospital with their new brother has nearly brought me to tears.  They love him so much already.  They will be his protectors and his best friends.  That's all I could wish for.

All my boys. Such a handsome group.

And, I already knew it, but I have an amazing husband, too.  He has taken the week off of work to be Mr. Mom, my nurse and babysitter, and just the best dad around.  We talked today that we've been able to spend more time with each other since Sunday morning than we have in weeks.  It's been so nice to just have him around.  Regular every day life really makes it hard to spend time with each other and I just feel so lucky that he can be here with me and the mighty Quinn.  I have loved Ross for years and years, but there isn't anything that makes me love him more than seeing him snuggle with this new little baby.

Two of the boys that I love.

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