Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Family Time

On Saturday, because I was absolutely stir crazy and actually felt okay we decided to go to lunch.  From me saying, "okay, lets go" to us actually getting out the door it took 35 minutes.  Not to shabby for the first time trying to get five people out the door.  At lunch, Quinn was definitely the best behaved.  He was the only child that didn't cry.

On Sunday, we headed out to my mom's for Sunday dinner.  Our second outing at a family of five.  Our departure was much more smooth, but it still took us a bit longer than anticipated to get out the door.  I knew though that my mom would get all sentimental having her five grandchildren together for the first time so I took my nice camera.  I cannot tell you how long it's been since I used a real camera and not just my phone but I'm glad I took the camera.  We got some cute pictures of all the little monkeys together.

Jack and Quinn.  Exactly three months and 2 days between them but they'll be in different grades in school.

My mom and my boys

Grandmama with all the goofballs

Little Miss Molly and her static.  It's got to be rough being the only girl.

Five little monsters.  Grandma wanted Uncle Willie to be in the picture.  He had to remind her that he is her son, not her grandson.

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