Saturday, September 01, 2012

It's "go" time!

Well. I guess it's official now. Sunday morning cannot come soon enough. Well, yeah it can.

My blood pressure at my OB appointment on Thursday was 157/90.  I've seen that number before, but apparently that, plus the fact that I've had a borderline migraine for about 6 days and that I'm so swollen my skin is about to split on my left ankle was enough for my doctor to bump up my "due" date.

He walked into the room I was in and said, "How does Sunday morning work for you?"

"Really?"  I felt like crying.

"Yes.  It's time to get this youngster here"  (He calls all unborn babies youngsters.  6 years ago it drove me crazy, now it's just par for the course.  My doc also is a gum chewer, which also drove me nuts, but he doesn't do it as much anymore, which I like.)

I told him thank you and that Sunday morning works just fine for me.  (Why Sunday?  He's already got another surgery scheduled for 10 am and is squeezing me in before...he said that his only day of for the week is Saturday so he wanted to keep it clear!)  So, once that was established we talked over a few of the details, listened to little twitchy's heart beat and he measured my stomach, which is already measuring 40 weeks so I guess I can really be done.

My c-section is scheduled for 7:30 am on Sunday, September 2, 2012.  September 2 is the birthday of my nephew Isaac and my Great-Grandpa Huber.  September is also the month of both of my amazing grandma's birthdays, so I'm sure that they were helping me hold out to at least make it to the month of their births.

Hospital policies have changed a bit since the Chick was born and because I have a Sunday surgery date, I had to go on Friday for pre-registration and blood work.  Even though I was already pre-registered I had to do it again.  Go figure.  After that it was off to the lab to have blood drawn into two of the biggest vials I've ever seen.

I get blood drawn a lot.  Three to four vials every three months so it's no biggie.  But, I was shocked at how much was sucked out of my arm.

Once the blood was drawn though, I figured I was finished but no.  Then the phlebotomist strapped my identification bands on my wrist and told me, "Keep these on until you are discharged from the hospital."

Seriously?  I have to wear these annoying itching things two days in advance and then keep them on until I go home?  Ug!  Once I got over the initial itch factor and playing with them (Onion rings from Crown Burgers helped), it wasn't that big of a deal except for the fact that I feel like an escapee and that the cops might be after me.

So, are you excited?

I'm excited.

And terrified.

In less than 24 hours, Ross and I will be completely outnumbered.

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