Monday, September 10, 2012

It's week since you looked at me!

Mom!  I'm awake!  Hurry and take my picture!

The Quinnster has been a part of our family, on the outside, for one week.  Time flies so quickly.  In one week we've managed to keep our house fairly clean (except today because dad went back to work and I don't want to make the beds or pick up toys but I did load the dishwasher and start a load of laundry), eat dinner every night, and go to bed at a reasonable time.  

In one week this little baby of mine has changed so much.  He is very sleepy - more sleepy than the other two have been.  Ross joked with me yesterday that perhaps this third time around we have a kid who does what babies are supposed to do, as opposed to the other two.  Elliott had colic and just screamed at us all day long and hardly slept.  Wyatt was captain puker and that kid wouldn't have slept as an infant if his life depended on it.  But Quinn?  He's got eating, sleeping and pooping down to an art form.  

What else can he do?


He can pee through diapers like nobody's business.  On Saturday he went through at least 6 outfits, pee'd on Grandma Judy and pooped all over me and we just had to throw away everything he was wearing because it was just too much to handle.

He can eat like a champ.  I decided to BF this time around (yes, I am sort of embarrassed by it and cannot even say the actual words but I'm doing it and for me at least, it's pretty easy) and am feeding this kid almost all day long but I've at least caught up on the Kardashians so no complaints there.

He sleeps the day away and is totally nocturnal and had me up last night, with some help from dad, from 1:00 - 5:00 am.  But, on Saturday night, minus waking up to quickly drink bottles, he slept through the night.  Yeah baby!

Hello. My name is Quinn. I'm a sleep addict. For my 1 week birthday, except to eat, i slept through the night.

He is happy and calm and hardly cries.

His gooey belly button umbilical thing fell off last night and though looking at his belly button totally grosses me out I'm soldiering through it like a good mom.

He can hold his head up (or at least tries to) when he's up on your shoulder.  Such an amazing feat for such a small little person.

He can fart as loud as his brothers though he's a dainty little burper.

HE IS NOT A PUKER!!!!!!!!  I repeat, he is not a puker (knock on wood)

Words cannot express how much I love this little guy.  He has been sent to us directly from heaven and I cry a little bit every day when it's just the two of us and I get to thinking about where he was before he came to us.  All the wonderful heavenly spirits and family members he was hanging out with.  Such a lucky little boy to have been with all those people who love him.  And we are a lucky little family to have him here on earth with us.


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